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Output folder

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Topic: Output folder
Posted By: wildgrube
Subject: Output folder
Date Posted: 13 Dec 05 at 4:18PM
It would be really cool if the pdf was saved by default to the very same folder in which the original document is stored.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 13 Dec 05 at 7:39PM

   Yes indeed, I agree with you. Unfortunately, I have not been able to resolve this technical problem which stems from the (convoluted) path required for creating a PDF. It goes something like this:

   Application (select "Print")
       >>> Data sent to Printer Port
       >>> Port Monitor receives data and writes a Psotscript File (Printer Output)
       >>> Port Monitor starts PDF reDirect
       >>> PDF reDirect converts the printer output to a PDF.

   Unfortunately, there is only one field in the printer output that gives me any information about the source document, and that is the name of the print job. This field will contain either the name of the document, or the name of the application (or both) depending on how it was programmed. However, the path of the original document is not provided in the file. I could write a small VBA program that provides that information for Word, Excel and most other Microsoft Office applications, but then you would get the standard security warnings associated with macros, and they would not work with other applications.

   For now, I do not know of anyone resolving this problem. For example, even Adobe has not figured this out with their own PDF Distiller. If I ever find a fix, I will be sure to implement it!

Posted By: wildgrube
Date Posted: 14 Dec 05 at 5:53AM

Hi there,

I see the problem.

Then I downloaded some other PDF creators (e.g. DeskPDF), turned on ProcessExplorer, Filemon, Regmon, and some other sysinternal tools to see if there's any clue to this.

First of all, no one seems to have a solution to this. Good news: You're not alone :-). Bad news: No one to ask for the solution.

However, there is a workaround for this: Many pdf converters store the directory chosen for a specific filename and offer the same directory as a default for the next time.

If you would cut off "-_01234565789" from the end of the file name you would even handle ISO style versioning in file names that way.

Just an idea...




Posted By: wildgrube
Date Posted: 14 Dec 05 at 6:37AM

Hi there,

go2pdf seems to know both path and filename. However, go2pdf is no alternative. It is offered as freeware - but in fact it is crippled by adding a tag on each created pdf. And even worse: I does not offer to uninstall. Really weird.

I hope this helps.


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 14 Dec 05 at 2:43PM
   Thanks for the suggestion Sascha! I will take a look. Can't uninstall huh? Does not sound very "nice".

   Good news on your suggestion ("Many pdf converters store the directory chosen for a specific filename") is already available in the Pro version, and will be available in the new PDF reDirect Freeware v2.1 on Dec 19th!


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