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booklet output

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Topic: booklet output
Posted By: crusty
Subject: booklet output
Date Posted: 08 Sep 05 at 10:21AM

have problems with version 2 locking up but that's another story which the new update may correct.

I have a booklet in ms publisher on folded A4. Can get proper output to a PDF with the pages in booklet order.

Have another booklet on folded A3 which produces seperate pages in PDF but not in booklet order. Sometimes has blank pages between the content pages.

I'm sure I've managed booklet layout but, being aged, I can't remember how the hell I did it.

Any help appreciated.

ever crusty

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 08 Sep 05 at 10:36PM
   I can try to help, but I need to know the following first:

  1. Which version of Windows are you using, and
  2. Which software are you using to create the PDF? Microsoft Word?

   Could you also provide me with a copy of the document you are trying to print on A3? That would help me in trying to duplicate the problem. Simply e-mail it to me.

   My e-mail address is located in the "About Us" section of the web site [ - here ].

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 10 Sep 05 at 11:08PM
   Thanks for the e-mail and the sample file. Good news. I was able to duplicate the problem, and fix it as well.

    The issue is with the way that the True Type fonts are donwloaded to the PDF. The usual setting is "Outline" which provides compatibility with Complex Fonts (such as Chinese, Japanese, etc.). Unfortunately, this does not sit well with Publisher: it seems to prefer the "automatic" setting. You can change the setting via the Printer Properties as shown in the attached picture.

    If you are still getting the problem, you should also ensure that the printer's paper properties match what you have selected in the software. You do this by clicking on the "Print" Menu in Publisher, then the "Properties" button (beside the printer selection), and then clicking the "Printing Preferences" and finally the "Advanced" Button. Ensure you have "A3" selected as the paper size (see attached picture)

    Please let me know if that does not fix the problem for you.

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