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Convert2PDF doc-file produce an error

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Topic: Convert2PDF doc-file produce an error
Posted By: sfsoeren
Subject: Convert2PDF doc-file produce an error
Date Posted: 14 Nov 13 at 7:51AM

I keep getting An Error Occured: Error Number = 0 DLL Error Number =0

when trying to convert a .doc using Convert2PDF.

The script is actually creating the pdf and it looks fine, but it gives me above error anyway.

It seems like it is related to the oPDF.Utility_Open_PDF, where rtn = 0 even though the file has been created (and passed the CheckFileCreated)


Steps to reproduce the bug:


1. have created a word doc

2. run Convert2PDF (changed the script a bit where I open the existing doc-file and prints it to BatchPDF)


Results: a PDF version of the doc

Expected Results: This is indeed produced, but I still get an error. (Error Number = 0 DLL Error Number =0)

Posted By: sfsoeren
Date Posted: 14 Nov 13 at 7:54AM
Just a quick remark.
It works fine using Version 2.2.5 (even though the PDF isn't really nice), whereas using Version 2.5.2 I get above error - but it does produce a nice looking PDF.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 08 Dec 13 at 3:22PM

Sorry to hear that. I re-tested my code, and it works OK for me.

Can you try the (unmodified) demo code I include with the ActiveX? Does the error occur for that too?



P.S. Sorry for the very late reply. The forum posting got stuck in my spam folder.

Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

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