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Problems with VERY Slowed Down PDF ReDirect

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Topic: Problems with VERY Slowed Down PDF ReDirect
Posted By: jlgreenlee@aol.
Subject: Problems with VERY Slowed Down PDF ReDirect
Date Posted: 08 Nov 13 at 3:14PM
I'm having a problem that has occurred before, and on a different computer and different version of Windows. So, I'm pretty sure it's not just this installation.

PDF ReDirect will work just fine for a long period of time, and then develop a slow-down glitch. I'll get a lot of (Not Responding) messages, even though the progress bar says "completed." PDF ReDirect will stop pre-naming my merge file. Every aspect of the program will become glacially slow. Given enough time, it will usually, eventually finish and allow me to send my PDF, but there have been times where it needs to be restarted, etc.

It's really interrupting my work flow. I even decided to buy the Pro version, but that hasn't changed any of the problems.

This happened on my Windows 7 Home/Intel i5 setup, after a year or so of use. And it's happened TWICE on my Windows 8/AMD A10 setup, which I've since upgraded to Windows 8.1. In all cases, it worked fine for a while, and then developed this glitch.

I love this software when it works. I've been using it at my work for years, with no issues. Help!

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 10 Nov 13 at 7:04AM
Hi there,

   I have been using the new beta version (v2.5.4) successfully for a while, and have not had any slowdown issues, so perhaps you can try that. It only has one significant bug, but it won't affect you unless you use a specific feature of the batch printers.

   You can download it from here:

   If you want to stay with the current version, you can try the following:
  • Check to see that the log is turned OFF in the Preferences >> General >> Debug >> Uncheck "Generate Log Files"
  • Empty the Temporary Folder located here: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\PDF reDirect\Temp
  • Remove and Re-install the latest official version (v2.5.2)

   To be clear: the above are guesses of what could be the problem as I have not experienced significant slowdowns myself.

   I hope this helps,


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: jlgreenlee@aol.
Date Posted: 15 Nov 13 at 12:41PM
Bless you. 

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