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Know license number

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Topic: Know license number
Posted By: SICO
Subject: Know license number
Date Posted: 31 Jul 13 at 3:57AM

We are sofware developers in vb6. We purchase a license of pdf redirect pro.
We want know in vb6 if pdf redirect is registered.

Sorry for my bad english.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 01 Aug 13 at 6:27AM

   No worries. Are you affiliated with the "Sico" paint company in Quebec?

   Anyway, there are a couple of ways to find out if PDF reDirect is registered using VB6.

   One way is to read the following entry in the preferences files, and make sure it is not blank or empty. It contains the name of the person or company that the program is registered to.

Group: "General"
Item: "-->Info_RN"

The preferences file is located here:
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\PDF reDirect\Prefs_v2.ini

You can use the standard Windows API commands to read the INI file.

The other way is to download and install the ActiveX for programmers. With the ActiveX, you can find out if PDF reDirect is registered by using the following command:

Private oPDF As New PDF_reDirect_v25002.Batch_RC_AXD

If oPDF.Registered = True then
   Debug.Print "Registered"
   Debug.Print "NotRegistered"
End If

The ActiveX component is free, and available from here:


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

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