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Output LPT1 to ReDirect...

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Topic: Output LPT1 to ReDirect...
Posted By: Wittster
Subject: Output LPT1 to ReDirect...
Date Posted: 03 Feb 13 at 4:37PM
I'm trying to send data from an applicaiton that "sees" my LPT1 printer port but not my PDF Redirect port.
Is there a way to set up my PDF Redirect port as LPT1 (or COM1) and have information sent to the LPT1 convert to the PDF Redirect Printer so I can save it locally on my laptop?
This applicaiton I'm using will only allow me to setup LPT and COM ports to print to.  Windows 7 -  64 bit.
Any help woulod be appreciated!

Thanks - Greg

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 03 Feb 13 at 11:32PM
Hi Greg,

   Sounds like a "legacy" application. Smile

   This topic came up once before here:

   This post will show you how to redirect a port such as LPT1 to a different port. However, we also found that it did not work with an older DOS app. So really, it will depend on whether your app can send the right kind of commands that PDF reDirect can interpret.

   Otherwise, you might need a port redirection app such as these (I have NOT tested them, and cannot vouch for them):



Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

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